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For those who have Finished is Elden Ring better than Bloodborne?

It's the best in the Soulsbourne series. Elden Ring is the culmination in everything that FS has learned over the years. I think I have maybe 4 or 5 more optional bosses and I can't believe how amazing the game is. I'm not only excited to replay it fresh from the start as a different class, but eventually just 100% it. I'm in no rush to finish it and look forward to what the community will discover over time and what the Mod Community will do with it as well. There were some amazing mods for all 3 Dark Souls games that added a lot of content to the game, so with ER as a base, it really has a ton of potential in the modding scene.
Haven't finished it yet, but I'm 120 hours in and so far I think I'm enjoyong it more than Bloodborne. That game for me had a lot of high peaks, but also some lows, like not being able to explore that manor at the end of Hemwick, or all the zones that had the same look and feel to it because they were set in Yahrnam.

I've seen some people criticize ER's bosses. I think the main bosses so far all have been pretty cool, and the minibosses are fine, at the level of Bloodborne's Chalice Dungeons minibosses, or even better in some cases.

Only thing I'm not liking is that they reuse models for main bosses, or some main bosses get reused later, which is kinda lame. I guess it's normal given the amount of bosses and minibosses the game has, but that's something that leaves some room for improvement for sure.
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I have to say yes. I just beat it two days ago. I'm just cleaning up bosses, spells and dungeons I may have missed. There were some elements they took from Bloodborne and improved, but others I think Bloodborne did better. My biggest complaint about Bloodborne was the bellmaiden. I hated that players could just kill an NPC to make invading impossible. I like what From did with Elden Ring though. They made it so you can't be invaded unless you have a co-op partner. So choosing to get help also invites more danger. I just feel it's an overall better system, though I was skeptical when I first heard about it.

Secondly, Magic in Bloodborne felt like an afterthought. In Elden Magic is HUGE, the spells are absolutely insane and with now four school and even more sub schools to choose from, Elden Ring blows Bloodborne out of the water.

Third. Options for playstyle are numerous. Not only for the weapons, magic, gear etc. The Physicks add another level of customization. The Summons make seemingly impossible fights soloable. Bloodborne had the shifting weapons but that was really the biggest part of your customization in Bloodborne. I just felt customization was too shallow in Bloodborne.

Now Bloodborne has the movement which I loved and still prefer over the others souls games including Elden Ring. But Elden gives you a way to create a similar movement style with the right ashes of war and weapon choice. It's all there. Elden Ring is a culmination of all the Souls Games. There's even a boss who borrows attacks directly from Sekiro. There's something here for every Souls fan, no matter what favorites you had prior to Elden Ring's release.

It is the ultimate Soulsborne Game.


I love the open world in ER.

There are still the legacy dungeons which have classic design, but you have to travel to them in real time. I felt like this series was always meant to be like this, Boletaria were seperate levels accessible via hub. Dark Souls opened up by connecting all the areas to one main area. And now Elden Ring goes fully open.

Its not like you have to complete every optional catacomb. But they do give mats etc. I like that. I mean it beats loading up the same bonfire to grind the same enemy for hours. This is something I didn't do in ER yet.


I can’t say yet,

But bloodborne to me was a surprising master piece. That lore girl.

Blood borne
Elden ring (so far I’m not done with it yet. )
DS remake
Dark souls 3

^ I did not feel like dark
Souls 3 was as good as BD or the DS remake.

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I'm like 30 hours into ER. Really don't rate it highly at all. Better than Dark Souls 2/3. That's about it. Deserves the sales, FromSoft deserves to grow but it don't deserve the 10/10 in my eyes.


Finished both.

Enjoyed Bloodborne more cause of the Gothic Victorian Lovecraftian setting. The Music, Atmosphere and Bosses were a level above Elden Ring.

That said, Elden Ring is overall the better game. Just prefer Bloodborne.
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Yes, because BB has a dogshit frame rate and garbage frame pacing.

ER has technical problems too, but nothing like as significant.

BB gets such a pass on its technical performance.

Sadly you would need another developer to have a great looking and performing souls game. It shouldn’t be that way though.


I really enjoyed Elden Ring, I just finished this evening beat Radagon and Malenia and I gotta say for as much fun as I’ve had exploring the world and building my astrologer I felt like the game just didn’t have al ot of those big epic soulsborne moments. Radagon was dope the way he was intro’d but his second phase took the air out of it. Not only was it not visually that interesting, i just felt like it didn’t make any sense in context of the story. It was a very lazy design, like they just took something straight out a ghibli movie. Worst of all it wasn’t even fun to fight.

Same feeling I felt with Godfrey, you already fight him once before so that kind of ruins his first phase then his second phase he pretty much turns into zangief? I felt like these phases should have been reversed. After seeing him on the cover of Edge with the big ass lion i was so hype to fight him and he was just kind of a pushover.

I think the most memorable fights are gonna end up being Malenia (although i found her move set to be annoyingly cheap) and Radagon, the latter mostly for newcomers who don’t really get the gimmick type bosses. That seems the be the fight i hear most about on social media.

I just don’t feel like it hits the same highs as bloodborne. Even DS3.

This is still the best final boss battle imo. I think this is the fight that inspired Miyazaki to make Sekiro. Bloodborne in general just seems like such a more thought-out elaborate world to me which is funny considering how much they talked up GRRM’s involvement. I just didn’t find the bosses or lore behind them as cool in Elden Ring
Elden Ring is better in every way, but Bloodborne edges it on the cool factor. You can't put a price on cool.


I’m enjoying ER, but I think I preferred the aesthetic and gameplay in Bloodborne; I think the combat was more fun as well.


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they are different enough where one can’t be totally better than the other.

Both are better that anything else that’s been released that isn’t made by Nintendo. 😉


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For me Sekiro still my favourite FROM game but I definitely can say I enjoyed Elden Ring more than bloodborne.
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Bloodborne and Sekiro are both much better than ER.

ER has several hours of fighting boring trash mobs in barren areas. The game is somewhat padded with repeated bosses and and dungeons like any other open world RPG. It’s one of the best open-worlds I’ve seen, but doesn’t surpass Bloodborne which is a premium experience the whole way through and still a massive game.
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I think Bloodborne and Sekiro are still better overall than Elden Ring, but mainly because of the bosses.

Most bosses in BB and Sekiro are very balanced and fair, you've got amazing and memorable duels; in ER, however, 80% either suck or are recycled stuff.

Bosses I really liked in ER were Godrick, Rennala, Morgott, Rykard, Ancestor Spirt and the secret dragon.


i love bloodborne, every single second of it. maybe if it ever comes in 4k 60fps glory it can become the goat again, but elden ring takes the crown this year for goty and no new game will change that for me.
91 hrs and finally beat it today. I finished with 57% trophy complete on one run so i did quite a bit of the side stuff and all the majn bosses i could find. I finished with 7 great runes i think not sure if i missed someone. Anyway i had a blast the whole way through. And i thought the same thing about the lion boss. I literally said to myself when he suplexed me, ah fuck im fight Zangiff.

For reference i have the same or more time in BloodBorne and have the platinum trophy. I think its close but i give the edge to BloodBorne. The Story/lore is unmatched and the trick weapons are far superior to what is offered in Elden ring.

I would honestly say BloodBorne is in the 98-100 range and elden ring is in the 96-98 range. Both are very excellent thought.
I definitely agree. It doesn’t come close to the highs Bloodborne or Sekiro gave me.

Elden Ring was almost too much of a good thing and by the end I only bothered to finish the play through out of spite. After Margit I was punished for playing the game’s open world by making the rest of the game a cake walk. The only bosses I didn’t one shot and beat in the exact same way was like… Fire Giant and Melania.

Bosses in previous games were like puzzles to solve and made them a lot more exciting, and memorable, to me. (and the amount of identical bosses but they’re blue now with one slightly altered move compounded the issue)

I can appreciate why people are loving the game so much; but it’s just not for me
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i haven't played Elden Ring, but the fans discussing the lore is always curious, these games are about the game mechanics, combat and exploration. the 'plot' shouldn't have much impact on their enjoyment, yet i see gamers constantly ranking From games based on their nonsensical lore.

One here even said Dark Souls 3 doesn't matter smh
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Lore and Atmosphere are just of the chart in BloodBorne.
I would however give Elden Ring credit for better world scale, content, replayability and gameplay.

So i say Elden Ring is better overall in my opinion.
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I don't know how you set Bloodborne as a standard, while it is the simplest and the least diverse among them!


It’s close for me. I’d edge it to Elden Ring. The sheer scope is incredible, so many points where I thought I was about done and then another giant area would show up.

I do hope from continues making more focused experiences though. Maybe alternating with the open world.


For me Sekiro still my favourite FROM game but I definitely can say I enjoyed Elden Ring more than bloodborne.
While I love all Souls-like games even Dark Souls 2 (which I think is a good game despite all criticism) I found in Sekiro what I had been looking for for a while. loved that game!


I bet Miyazaki is super proud of ER and it's the best game he could make to bring his original vision to life at this time. Jump attacks, horse combat, awesome weapon skills, the best magic, a wide open staggeringly huge and dense world, fun and rewarding exploration with plenty of oh shit moments, etc. It's From Software's best work yet.

Elden Ring

Dark Souls 3
Dark Souls
Demon's Souls Remake
Dark Souls 2



Absolutely Elden Ring by miles.

Bloodborne is just unique in the sense that it's the only good game with the gothic horror focus in the market currently. so it makes very strong impression.

But the build variety you can have with Elden Ring is just mind blowing. And rhe interconnecting areas also surpasses all previous Soulsborne. I've just explored most of Stormveil recently, and I swear it feels as big as 3 DS3 areas combined into 1.

The outdoor dragon fight shown in the trailer already blows all dragon fights (except Midir) out of the water. Look at the behaviour of the dragon as it flies and scales the cliff prowling on you, it's totally magnificent.

Bloodborne 2 made with ER scope will be unbelievable.
Bloodborne and Sekiro are both much better than ER.

ER has several hours of fighting boring trash mobs in barren areas. The game is somewhat padded with repeated bosses and and dungeons like any other open world RPG. It’s one of the best open-worlds I’ve seen, but doesn’t surpass Bloodborne which is a premium experience the whole way through and still a massive game.
Yeah I feel the same tbh about barren areas and padded bosses. Some of them in dungeos are just straight joke honestly. Exploring areas in this open world is getting tedious sometimes and it makes the game feel kinda... unfocused?
Combat on horse is kinda awkward, too. I'm level 62+ so far in Elden Ring, but honestly I can't feel this beating Bloodborne or even Sekiro when it comes to FromSoft games.
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