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Horizon Forbidden West Graphics Comparison: PS4 vs. PS5

"Those people" actually hate tech (in games).
How I know? Because I actually, contrary to them, love to see tech (and art) being used in games to create something beautiful. Me, like many other people here and playing the game, are enjoying what we see, because our hearts care about the result, care about what the developers actually did and archived, not about what they didn't like "those people".
"Those people's" hearts are probably ugly embittered as a sour plum, that's why they're only drawn to the ugly parts, to what could be but isn't, to what other devs and games did (ignoring their failures) differently instead of appreciating what is at hand. And they don't even need to do this, "those people" seem to think the devs don't know where they could done better and improve. They do, but they needed to work with the limitations they had to overcome. And guess what? They succeed, but "those people" don't want to heard about success, only failure.


Yes you can lmao..
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