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Horizon Forbidden West: Review Thread |


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Game Information
Game Title: Horizon Forbidden West

Genre: Action-adventure, role-playing, open-world, post-post-apocalyptic, bow-and-arrow

Platforms: PlayStation 4/5

Media: E3 Announcement Trailer

Gameplay Trailer

Machines of the Forbidden West | Tribes of the Forbidden West | Challenges of the Forbidden West

Story Trailer | Cinematic Trailer

Developer: Guerilla Games Info

Developers' HQ: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

  • Price: PS4 Standard - $59.99 USD / £59.99 GBP / €69,99 EUR / $79.99 CAD (free PS5 upgrade)
  • PS5 Standard - $69.99 USD / £69.99 GBP / €79,99 EUR / $89.99 CAD
  • PS4/PS5 Digital Deluxe - $79.99 USD / £79.99 GBP / €89,99 EUR / $99.99 CAD Contents

Release Date: February 18, 2022

More Info: r/Horizon | Wikipedia Page

Review Aggregator:


Website/AuthorAggregates' Score ~ Critic's ScoreQuotePlatform
Washington Post - Alyse StanleyUnscored ~ Unscored‘Horizon Forbidden West’ is a sprawling and satisfying sequelPS5
Polygon - Nicole ClarkUnscored ~ UnscoredReturning to Aloy’s machine-threatened world is well worth the waitPS5
RPG Fan - Caitlin ArgyrosUnscored ~ UnscoredHorizon Forbidden West is simply a triumph in almost every way.PS5
GamesBeat - Mike MinottiUnscored ~ Review-In-ProgressOnce I see the story to its end, I’ll be able to settle on a score. But if you’re just looking for a recommendation, consider it given.PS5
ACG - Jeremy PenterUnscored ~ BuyDespite some warts, Horizon Forbidden West is an incredible game and one that will be remembered most likely as a classic, and a sure-fire entry into Game of the Year award discussions.PS5
One More Game - Vincent TernidaUnscored ~ BuyHorizon Forbidden West successfully builds on the lore and story of Horizon Zero Dawn, bringing to life a world that offers exploration as a reward of its own. The vast lands are breathtaking, paired with photo-realistic designs and an epic soundtrack to boot, Aloy's continued adventures are dazzling, to say the least. There is a magnificence to Horizon Forbidden West, and despite being bogged down by some questionable choices and decisions, the game is another masterful display of talent from Guerrilla Games.PS5
Console Creatures - Bobby PashalidisUnscored ~ RecommendedHorizon Forbidden West is the rare sequel that not only improves on every mechanic but also creates a lived-in world full of danger and wonder in every corner.PS5
Eurogamer - Malindy HetfeldUnscored ~ No RecommendationAnother beautiful technical achievement, Horizon Forbidden West is held back by clunky characters and new features that lack purpose.PS5
GameSpew - Richard Seagrave100 ~ 10 / 10Bigger and better than its predecessor in every single way, Horizon Forbidden West is a game that’s ever so easy to get lost in.PS5
GamesHub - Leah Williams100 ~ 5 / 5Horizon Forbidden West pulls players along on a breathtaking journey – one so lifelike and human it’s almost unbelievable just how good it really is.PS5
Gaming Nexus - Rob Larkin100 ~ 10 / 10Horizon Zero Dawn was one of the best games of the last console generation. I'm not sure I see any reason why Horizon Forbidden West won't go down as one of the best of this generation.PS5
GamingTrend - David Burdette100 ~ 100 / 100It's not just that Horizon Forbidden West is bigger, it's better. Guerrilla had already crafted an incredible title in Zero Dawn, but they've graduated into building an immaculate one in Forbidden West. Its strengths are taken to new heights, tuned to being the best they can be, and what were once weaknesses transform into pillars the series can build on. Besides a few minor technical issues, Horizon Forbidden West is the perfect example of what you want a sequel to an already great game to be, and it's certainly a challenger for best game in 2022.PS5
Nerdburglars - Dan Hastings100 ~ 10 / 10Horizon: Forbidden West delivers everything that made the first game unforgettable and then piles on so much more. Character realism and environmental detail have been turned all the way to eleven. Every single element of this game has been crafted by perfectionists. Fighting off hordes of high tech machines keeps your heart pumping and the hugely diverse spectrum of machines to take down make you put a lot of effort into fine-tuning your approach to combat. The narrative lays down a perfect sense of urgency that drives you through a 20+ hour campaign that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end.PS5
Press Start - Kieron Verbrugge100 ~ 10 / 10Horizon Forbidden West is an exceedingly clever sequel, a deep and addictive action RPG, a dense world that unfolds with an impeccable sense of pace, a visual tour de force and the masterful delivery of a promising concept.PS5
Sirus Gaming - Lexuzze Tablante100 ~ 10 / 10Despite minor technical issues that can be patched up, Horizon: Forbidden West's compelling narrative, a spectacular cast of characters, its impressive graphical feat, and superb combat will make your time worthwhile. Horizon: Forbidden West is simply a masterpiece, a game that a PS4 and PS5 owner should not miss.PS5
Twinfinite - Chris Jecks100 ~ 5 / 5Horizon Forbidden West is a spectacular sequelPS5
VGC - Jordan Middler100 ~ 5 / 5Horizon Forbidden West is an incredible game set in a world that we wanted to return to many hours after the credits rolled.PS5
Video Game Sophistry - Andy Borkowski100 ~ 10 / 10The most exciting thing that this game has to offer is how ruthlessly and maybe even obsessively devoted the developers are to making everything you do matter. Every push of the button, every new side quest, every collectible, every interaction ties to a central theme or narrative push that connects to the meta narrative.PS5
Shindig - Tony Hsiang100 ~ 5 / 5If Horizon Zero Dawn was your jam, then this is a must-play. If you enjoyed it but found the world arid and lacking, then Forbidden West has enough packed in the world that it may just get its machine claws into you.PS4
Geek Culture - Jake Su98 ~ 9.8 / 10Polishing an already glittering diamond to shine even brighter, Guerrilla Games has done a spectacular job with Horizon Forbidden West, delivering an adventure that is bigger, better, and more entertaining on all levels, and a must-play title for all in the PlayStation ecosystem.PS5
Glitched Africa - Marco Cocomello95 ~ 9.5 / 10Horizon Forbidden West is an exceptional game. It expands on Zero Dawn in every possible way while also delivering some of the best interactions I have ever seen in an open-world game. Its world is breathtaking, the people are memorable and the gameplay is industry-defining.PS5
MMORPG.com - Jason Fanelli95 ~ 9.5 / 10Horizon: Forbidden West is everything I wanted from a follow-up to the excellent Zero Dawn, from the twisting story and fierce combat to the cast of memorable characters.PS5
PlayStation Universe - John-Paul Jones95 ~ 9.5 / 10In every way that it can be, Horizon Forbidden West is Horizon Zero Dawn 2.0 and while I might crave some more variety in its open-world activities, Guerrilla Games has nonetheless crafted a triumphant sequel that earns its place among the very best that PlayStation Studios has to offer.PS5
Worth Playing - Chris "Atom" DeAngelus95 ~ 9.5 / 10Overall, some minor technical nagging is the only thing that really holds back Horizon: Forbidden West back. It has a delightful protagonist, an engaging story, a wonderful setting, fun combat and exploration, and lovely visuals. I enjoyed just about every moment I spent with the game. If you were a fan of the original, then the sequel delivers on everything that it promises.PS5
Game Informer - Kimberley Wallace93 ~ 9.3 / 10Horizon Forbidden West reaches a new high bar for Guerrilla Games. It does more than surpass its predecessor; it takes Horizon’s fiction to captivating places and builds a rich world that rewards you for the effort you put into it.PS5
CGMagazine - David Walters90 ~ 9 / 10A sequel should always be better, and Horizon Forbidden West is much better than its predecessor, by a distance as great as the journey itself.PS5
Digitally Downloaded - Matt Sainsbury90 ~ 4.5 / 5It builds on the success of the first game in a way that I am quite certain that those who loved Aloy and her first quest will find even more to love about this one.PS5
Game Rant - Dalton Cooper90 ~ 4.5 / 5Horizon Forbidden West takes everything that fans loved about Zero Dawn and makes it better, with Guerrilla delivering another must-play PS exclusive.PS5
Game Revolution - Jason Faulkner90 ~ 9 / 10Aside from some very minor bugs, Forbidden West was a treat to play and is an early contender for Game of the Year.PS5
IGN - Simon Cardy90 ~ 9 / 10A triumphant combination of enthralling combat, top-tier creature and character design, and a captivating open world, Horizon Forbidden West is an absolute blast and fantastic showcase for the power of the PS5.PS5
Inverse - Christopher Groux90 ~ 9 / 10In 2022, Forbidden West has a much higher standard to meet, and for the most part, it’s a resounding success.PS5
Multiplayer First - AJ Okami90 ~ 9 / 10Higher quality side quests, combined with a main campaign that feels grander in scope, and is much better paced than the original make for a strong story, and the beautiful environments, combined with highly detailed character models and improved gameplay make this an early candidate for Game of the Year.PS5
Next Gen Base - Ben Ward90 ~ 9 / 10Another magnificent visual showpiece for the PS5, that runs surprisingly well on the PS4 too, Horizon Forbidden West is a great new chapter in Aloy’s story. If you liked Zero Dawn, you’ll absolutely love this, making it a must-play.PS5
PCMag - Will Greenwald90 ~ 4.5 / 5Horizon Forbidden West takes everything that made Horizon Zero Dawn an excellent action-adventure title, and adds more environmental variety and quest verticality to create an even better game.PS5
Push Square - Stephen Tailby90 ~ 9 / 10Overall, Horizon Forbidden West is a huge improvement on its predecessor.PS5
Screen Rant - Leo Faierman90 ~ 4.5 / 5It’s hard to imagine how a Zero Dawn fan could be at all dissatisfied with Guerilla Games’ choices here - the studio has delivered exactly what they were waiting for.PS5
Shacknews - Bill Lavoy90 ~ 9 / 10Horizon Forbidden West is an ambitious game that builds off the strengths of its predecessor in almost every way.PS5
TheSixthAxis - Tuffcub90 ~ 9 / 10Horizon Forbidden West improves upon Zero Dawn in almost every aspect.PS5
Too Much Gaming - Carlos Hernandez90 ~ 9 / 10While Horizon Forbidden West doesn’t break the mold of the action-adventure open-world genre, it further enriches its blend of entertaining combat within a unique world that still stands out among other post-apocalyptic offerings. They might not have stuck the landing very well, but that wasn’t enough to completely stain the complete experience.PS5
Wccftech - Alessio Palumbo90 ~ 9 / 10Horizon Forbidden West is a worthy sequel to Zero Dawn in every way, proving that Guerrilla is no one-hit wonder when it comes to the action RPG genre.PS5
WellPlayed - Kieran Stockton90 ~ 9 / 10An expansive, beautiful and engrossing new adventure that deepens the series' lore while doubling down on what made the original such a classic. A masterclass in meaningful open-world design, where exploration and curiosity is encouraged and rewarded.
PowerUp! - Adam Mathew85 ~ 8.5 / 10Horizon: Forbidden West is still a top-tier game that’s well worth emptying one’s pouch of metal shards to purchase.PS5
Destructoid - Chris Carter85 ~ 8.5 / 10Impressive efforts with a few noticeable problems holding them back. Won't astound everyone, but is worth your time and cash.PS5
Fextralife - Fexelea80 ~ 8 / 10Horizon: Forbidden West is a gorgeous and highly polished experience that takes full advantage of the Playstation 5's superior hardware. And while a dream come true for explorers, the sub-par story just prevents it from being a true masterpiece. Recommended for fans of the genre.PS5
Attack of the Fanboy - Diego Perez80 ~ 4 / 5Horizon Forbidden West is a bigger, better game than the original in nearly every way. With tons of engaging side content, a wide array of beautiful biomes to explore, and multiple threatening new machines to take on, there's a lot to see and do in the Forbidden West.PS5
Digital Trends - Giovanni Colantonio80 ~ 4 / 5Horizon Forbidden West establishes the Horizon franchise as a power player in Sony’s first-party arsenal.PS5
GameSpot - Phil Hornshaw80 ~ 8 / 10Horizon Forbidden West sometimes packs in so much that it gets in its own way, but the many well-drawn characters populating its quests keep it compelling.PS5
Metro GameCentral - GameCentral80 ~ 8 / 10A solid sequel to the crowd-pleasing original, which still doesn't make enough of its unique setting but manages to add an impressive amount of depth to its combat and side content.PS5
TrustedReviews - Ryan Jones80 ~ 4 / 5Horizon Forbidden West is a superb sequel, adding even more robot monsters to slay while introducing a deep crafting and upgrade system that creates a rewarding Monster Hunter-style gameplay loop.PS5
VG247 - Dom Peppiatt80 ~ 4 / 5Horizon: Forbidden West does a great job of building on the foundation that Zero Dawn laid outPS5
VideoGamer - Josh Wise80 ~ 8 / 10With Horizon Forbidden West, Guerilla is armed with the grunt of the PlayStation 5, and we get not just a catalogue of alluring tones but a richer palette of ideas.PS5
AusGamers - Steve Farrelly70 ~ 7 / 10As an action-adventure, an RPG, a narrative, and open-world sandbox, and a way to simply spend time exploring a breathtaking world – it falls short. Engaging at times, thrilling too, but also disjointed, clunky, and unfocused in ways we didn’t expect.PS5
Stevivor - Joab Gilroy65 ~ 6.5 / 10It’s a game of contrasts.PS5
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Overall it seems the improved gameplay and less impactful story makes it a +/- compared to Horizon Zero Dawn in terms of review scores.
I mean the story doesn’t seem bad by any means but it was a tough act to follow. I’ll probably prefer this to the first personally because I considered character customization and traversal to be the only weak part outside of facial animation which seems very much improved.
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Can't say I'm surprised. Just like Disney has perfected the Marvel-formula, Sony has perfected the "action-adventure" formula, and I mean that in the best possible way. There's Sony and then everyone else.
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Still a good score, a evolution from the first game while not mastering anything in terms of gameplay it seems cohesive enough for some enjoyable sessions.

Although i have to say that i could live without the gazillion things happening on screen at the same time.

Enjoyed the first one so i Will for sure enjoy this one.


Sounds like they failed to noteworthy improve the combat vs human enemies, the story is not on the same level as the first and GG still doesn't know what to do with RPG elements.
If that's all the criticism there is and everything else has been improved upon I'll have a lot of fun with this game.
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Sony make cringe trainers.
Sounds great, divisive in some aspects and not quite as impressive as other games were at the time of their release but still, a great game it seems.

People who talk trash about the combat suck at games though, yes you’re the problem sorry.


I was expecting a score of 89 and I seem to be right. Although it does seem like a vast improvement over horizon zero dawn so what's going on.
Was there ever any doubt it would be exceptional? Looking forward to picking it up once I'm done with Elden Ring, 2022 is going to be a monster year and Q1 is stacked to high heaven 🎊🎊🎊.


For all those that said there would be no flying mounts and the ps4 would hold it back.

4:28 minutes in.


To be fair, GG said they wanted to add it in the first game but the slow storage speed is what held them back.

We might hear from digital foundry as to how they were able to get it working in HFW.
Sounds like a phenomenal game. I usually do tend to align with Chris Carter at Destructoid, since he's kind of an action gamer at heart and is pretty good at most games. I predicted 86-91 I think.

Just given the general polish and quality present in the first game, I'd probably rate this a 9. Surprised he did 8.5, but close enough. I'll pick this up sometime later after I finish the first one.



The good​

  • Utterly breathtaking visuals
  • Fantastic worldbuilding
  • Chock full of three dimensional characters
  • Lance Reddick should play Thrawn

The bad​

  • The traversal is singular in its solutions.
  • The combat is too easily optimised.
  • There’s a distinct lack of polish that I’m accustomed to from Sony first-party titles
  • The Focus is too quick to dictate your next move
Some very poor points to give it a 6.5 tbh. After all the work Guerrilla Games put into this game compared to many other games, anything less than a 9 is straight up disrespect to the talented developers.


Some very poor points to give it a 6.5 tbh. After all the work Guerrilla Games put into this game compared to many other games, anything less than a 9 is straight up disrespect to the talented developers.

What? Are we awarding review scores based on how much we respect the developers or how much work they put into it?

Edit: Also, what the fuck is up with the petty "omg, this random guy scored HALO better than HFW??!?? SHILL" comments? Be happy that you're getting an amazing game and accept that some reviewers might have different tastes than yours.
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