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Sony is kinda lazy when it comes to naming their consoles

the linear numbering is getting a bit old... they should take it away just so we can complain about it, then it'll feel so good when they bring it back.

nothing dumber than xbox names though.
they're almost so bad they're good.

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Sony does it right by staying simple, consistent and making it easy to understand. Just the way it should be, IMO.
Yeah, look at the mess that's happened with Xbox. The second console being named "360" wasn't a huge deal (an Xbox 2 name would look less impressive compared to PS3, so I get why they did that). But then Xbox One for the third console? And Xbox One X for the pro version and Xbox One S for the cheaper one? Which also sounds super fucking close to Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S? I wonder how many parents and grandparents actually grabbed the wrong console when it first came out.
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This topic is one of the weirdest ones ever.

The PlayStation naming is the most simple one of all, iconic at this stage and from a marketing perspective the most effective. Same for the slim and pro models. You know everything you’re getting from the name itself


I think it benefits the customer, not everyone is up to what the latest+greatest consoles are.. trying to explain to my girlfriend the differences between Xbox one, one S, One X, Series S and Series X is just met with.. WTF???
You say lazy, I say straightforward and easy to understand.

I’ve personally witnessed multiple occasions where parents have bought the wrong Xbox games, and don’t even get me started on Wii to Wii U lol
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