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Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin trial version available on PS5 starting today until June 24


Will definitely tune-in to see how this one plays. It was rough in the trailer so we’ll see where they’re at as far as the playable trial.


can confirm that they uploaded a corrupted demo. I guess I will fill out the survey "0/10 more bugs than cyberpunk, unable to run"

God damn SE....wednesday can't come soon enough for the buyout.


Darkness no more
People all over Twitter are reporting the corrupted error too. Might just be a bad file that needs fixing.


They might of fixed it. My 3rd attempt to dl stopped midway. 4th download going and the file size is slightly different. Will report back in 2 min.

*edit nope still broken* Maybe this is the sign that M$ will buy out Square in their weekly wednesday buyouts. Still waiting for the wednesday Sega buyout though!
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