What game you think has the best chance of beating out Elden Ring for GOTY?

Elden Ring released like a storm and won over the mind share by perfecting both the souls formula and open world formula all in one go...with that being said what game you think has the best chance of possibly beating it when all is said and done.

Horizon and Elden Ring are the two GOTY quality games to release this year, and of course elden ring is the favorite of those two. Still to release is GOW, Starfield, BOTW2 (huge maybe for 2022), and maybe STALKER 2. Of those I'd probably put my money on starfield, and even tho its not likely it, like elden ring is a developer with a good track record venturing into a new realm and can possibly modernize their oldschool gameplay.

Yes, this is a speculative thread, slow news day.


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Elden Ring can easily be argued as the GOAT

no way anything is touching it this year as it is possibly the best game ever made
Its my personal goat, but before that was bloodborne, and darksouls 3 in my top 5 so im a gamer who from games talk to specifically. This feels like the first where its speaks to a wider audience of gamers in the way their past games talk to me.

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GoW5 or BotW2. (Though i wouldnt be surprised if Arceus somehow snuck the win)

H2 had its chance and failed to make an impression.
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HFW. I think the technical achievements in HFW might put it over the top more than the MC scores. I also think God of War 2 doesn't really need to improve much from the first so it won't exactly blow people away, it'll just be really great like the first. I think HZD to HFW is a bigger delta. It's like Uncharted 1 to Uncharted 2 imo.


I hate to feed the hype but for me Elden Ring is off the GOTY contender and it's pretty firmly in my mind as one of the best/all-time favorite games I can recall. This game is likely to be in a lot of peoples Top 3,5,10. I'm less than halfway through and it's still just leaving me completely shocked at the overall depth of everything.

Compare that with another game I considered right up there in BOTW, if I come to find the same weapon breaking mechanics exists, I might skip it altogether.
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Its space game.
Ratchet was much better than it takes 2, but the gameplay department gave it takes 2 the win.
Starfield can deliver that. Since bethesda is expert in exploration department.
I love Bethesda’s RPGs but I really can’t see Starfield beat Elden Ring, ER is just shockingly good in a way I’ve barely ever experienced. Exploration is absolute top tier. The combat is godly. World creation is top in class. Bethesda might beat them in role-playing, lore, story and quests though.
BotW 2 and Starfield are the only two I see having a chance to dethrone Elden Ring. Unfortunately, I think God of War sequel will be a narrative expansion from God of War 2018. Still can't wait to play it, but I don't think it will mess with the great formula it made in the 2018 title. Elden Ring moves the open world genre forward like BotW and Skyrim. It is funny how those same devs are working on games that are both coming out this year. I personally doubt either of them will outperform Elden Ring. Elden Ring is a timeless classic that we will talk about for the next 20 years. It belongs next to Mario 64, OoT, Half-Life, Halo, Skyrim, and Witcher 3. Only the best of the best, and I would argue it is THE best.

I am not a simp. Just stating subjective fact.
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Bethesda might beat them in role-playing, lore, story and quests though.
That is the part that usually wins you the goty title.
Elden ring is great, but still is souls game. Just like how forza horizon 5 was a racing game.
If it wins goty, then that will make the best game in the world, aside of metacritic.
Breath of the Wild and God of War are the only ones I give a legitimate shot, but I don't think those will either. Those will both be great, but I don't see them doing enough different from their predecessor to repeat as a GOTY.


What time is it?
I like Elden Ring a lot but the more I play of it, the more it falls down on my list of favorite Souls titles. Wind Jammers 2 might still be my favorite game released this year.


Starfield and STALKER 2 are gonna be much, much better, and proper nextgen games, but neither are coming this year. Although Bethesda will try very hard to meet their "iconic" 11.11 date, they will fail.
And STALKER2 we will be lucky if it ever gets finished, for obvious reasons.


Literally none. The more I play it the more I cannot believe this game even exists, the amount of work it must have taken to create a world like that. How they created a huge open map but with the level of detail of a linear, carefully designed game. How they compromised on absolutely nothing, not the combat depth, not the story, not the soundtrack. Monumental.

I don’t think even BotW 2 can beat it and I’m confident it will be marvelous. The rest has no chance whatsoever (in my opinion of course) other than releasing on another year.
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Maybe Starfield, BOTW 2 or TLOU remake if it comes out this year. The new GOW might also has a chance. Seeing how the last one was praised and loved so much for some reason (game is HIGHLY over rated and not good IMO).

For me,elden ring already is this years GOTY


I can't think of anything off the top of my head, and nothing on the horizon seems likely to usurp its throne, but there's still a lot of year left so maybe something surprising will drop out of nowhere.
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It really depends on what future games are released, the closest they are to November, more chances they have to win because they are "fresh" - still making an impact on gamers. But I doubt anyone will forget Elden Ring, it will win awards.


I don't know, but I would agree that BotW2 and Starfield are the only ones that stand a chance.
Elden Ring feels like a much, much better, and mature version of BotW. Starfield I don't think will have an open world as amazing as Elden Ring, but the story/characters will probably be great.
GoW is going to be spectacular - I just don't see it being as vast of an improvement over the already excellent first game.

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It's one of the most stacked years ever. There's not going to be any kind of consensus on GOTY. There's going to be numerous outlets that pick about 5 different games. God of War, Starfield, Breath of the Wild 2, Elden Ring, and on.

I personally think Breath of the Wild 2 could very easily surpass expectations. We'll see. Also GoW was basically my favorite PS4 game ever.
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