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Xbox will host a new Developer_Direct games show with Arkane, Bethesda, and more — Starfield reportedly not showing up

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Starfield is reportedly not showing up

What you need to know​

  • A new Xbox showcase has been rumored for some time now, and we believe we have some concrete information on it finally.
  • Our sources suggest the showcase is called Xbox Developer_Direct, and will feature content from Xbox and Bethesda.
  • Games expected to appear include Redfall, Forza Motorsport, and Minecraft Legends.
  • This will be an intimate look at major games for 2023, as Microsoft seeks to ramp up transparency and frequency on upcoming Xbox games.

Xbox fans have been waiting for a while for information on this year's slate of Xbox games, set to include games like Redfall and the hotly-anticipated Starfield. It seems that we won't have to wait much longer, if our information is correct.

I heard that there was an Xbox showcase on the horizon back in December, but have since been able to lock the information down with a variety of sources familiar with Microsoft's plans.

It seems the show will be called a Developer_Direct, and may be part of a new initiative from Microsoft and Xbox to offer information on upcoming games more frequently, outside of the major E3 and Game Awards marketing beats.

From what we understand, the Developer_Direct show is slated for January 25 at 12PM PT on Xbox's official channels on Twitch and YouTube. The show will be hosted by both Xbox and Bethesda, with deep dives into Redfall, Minecraft Legends, Forza Motorsport, and content from ZeniMax Online Studios.
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Completely unsurprising if they are trying to get the train rolling with RF, SF and D4.

. . .my hope, they keep the "spirit" of the original SF presentation where release was a few months or so out (same like they did with FO4). If we can get, along with everything else, RF and SF before D4 - easy "win" for the year for MS (though not for gamers because there are some BIG - content wise - games very quickly coming out; RF, SF, D4, Forspoken, Hogwarts, Phantom Liberty, Zelda - that is HUNDREDS approaching THOUSANDS of hours). Either way, definitely starting to get excited for this year of gaming.


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If they are only showing Forza and Redfall (Minecraft Legends doesn't really need a big show), I'm wondering how was missing TGA a wise decision?

They could have easily got a 10-minute slot to show both these games, avoid the PR backlash, and show their content to a MUCH bigger audience.

At first, I thought they wanted a separate show because they needed to show like 20 minutes of Starfield, along with other games. But they aren't even showing Starfield in this Direct.
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I hope there's not a lot of talking. With it being called Developer Direct I get the feeling it'll be like 3-4 hours long with like 30-45min of actual footage of games. heh


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Forza Motorsport, Age of empires 4, Red fall, and Starfield should be there since it is releasing this year. I think Hell blade 2, Avowed, Fable, State of decay 3 will come out next year and should be shown at E3
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Can’t wait for a closer look at Forza. GT7 has scratched the itch, but I’m curious to see if the new Forza can fully encapsulate me back into racing games. Give me a reason to give the T248 a good run out on PC finally. That and the GT7 psvr which I know I’ll cave and purchase the headset sooner or later.

I need to get back on AC and Dirt Rally 2.0 as well.
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So they have finally realized like Sony, Nintendo and all the other companies that a marketing focused just on the old traditional big shows is a thing of the past, flexibility is now needed with these things. Still no Starfield?


Give us dates for Forza, Redfall, Minecraft Legends, Starfield
maybe reveal second expansion for FH5
maybe throw in some Game Pass Day 1 games with release dates (Lies of P?)
Give God Howard 30 minutes for Starfield presentation
maybe some stinger at the end "we will see you in June" with Avowed/Hellblade 2

then promptly fuck off

10/10 show




How about a release date of GoldenEye? When it was announced they told us "soon" but I don't know which planet they live on, but a few months isn't "soon".
i’m like 99% sure at this point nintendo is holding it for the same reason as advanced wars
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