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A little over 2 months later, what's your opinion of Stray?

How would you rate Stray?

  • Terrible Game

    Votes: 5 3.6%
  • Bad Game

    Votes: 5 3.6%
  • Mediocre Game

    Votes: 26 18.7%
  • Good Game

    Votes: 59 42.4%
  • Great Game

    Votes: 25 18.0%
  • Fantastic Game

    Votes: 19 13.7%

  • Total voters


I had a so-so experience with the game.

It looks spectacular, the production is 10 out of 10, the cat and the robots have great animations and the game plays well. There are tons of great little moments and some clever twists and turns. There are some interesting juxtapositions between how the robots live and humans and bla bla bla.


I thought the focus on conventional progression like a city hub and missions was unfortunate. I wanted to be completely free and have no direction. Like it was in the first 20 minutes or so where you are just a cat exploring. I didn't like any of the stealth parts where you have to stay out of the robot lights, and the sections with the all-eating meatballs were just OK. I just wanted to be a cat, not Sly Cooper.

What's your impression?

Looks great, it's very charming and well made but gets a bit boring as you progress.

I think it should embrace what it is was and be just an exploration/adventure/puzzle game.
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Got boring really fast. I need to go back and give it another shot. The quality is there for a AA game. The gameplay loop wasn't all that fun. Running around finding notes never a good time to me. At least if the inbetween isn't interesting.
It was good but light on puzzles and exploration. Once the novelty of the being a cat wears off then it's left with a charming game with light puzzles and very nice graphics.
If there is a sequel I can see them exploring more with looking around, adding more puzzles and enemies.


I found it to be a fun game with lots of charm and it didnt outstay its welcome. Replaying chapters for missing stuff was a bit of a pain, that could've been done better. I think the price was right for what it was but I got it "free" on PS+ anyway.


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Haven't completed it yet, although I do like it in general. Got distracted by other games, so it wasn't super captivating. Seems like a disney cyberpunk world, but I suppose expecting a mature game playing as a cat wouldn't really have mass appeal. Overall a good addition to the library in a modern world of garbage


Mediocre. Honestly can't bring myself to finish it.

Upon starting, it's charming enough to run around and meow on occasion but the world and the npc's don't really interest me at all. Cue in some uninspired platforming and enemy encounters and there you go.... The soundtrack and overall art style keep it from being bad.


it was quaint, I felt a little disappointed in the overall narrative of the game. I knew it was gonna be typical Sci-fi make up your own mind, but even after a lot of sleuthing and investigations the final story (at least from what people have gathered) wasn't all that exciting. and the ending was kinda lost levels bad.
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Good game but not much more. It looks good, is interesting for a while and plays well but that's about it.

The rest is rather iffy and the story isn't exactly good to say the least.


Good game. Not great like Ico, SotC or TLG obviously, but good. I got the plat. I like that style of game. It was creative being a cat for the platforming.
Wanted to love it but it was a bit shit really…

I’d rather have had less of the sci fi stuff as the writing was very average.


Love it. Wasent expecting to enjoy it so much. The game keeps changing the gameplay mechanics and adding new ways to complete the section you are on, that keeps the gameplay feel fresh during the story, thers a nice story not related to the cat but the world where the cat landed on, and the pace is pretty much perfect, the game ends when it needs to end.
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Mediocre, same story as already seen 29999times, always the same environments, boring gameplay always doing the same thing. Not bad but not good. A game for people who almost never played video games before.


I completed it when released and loved it. Very well made, charming, stunning visuals, with the length I like and had a few great ideas. One of my favorite indies of the year, probably my favorite indie of the year.
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I actually played this on the deck. Very good production values that are sat on top of a basic gameplay loop.

I feel they could have had more interesting mechanics but solid enough for a few hours of fun.


Just started playing my physical copy and like most Annapurna games, you enjoy it for its uniqueness and break from the "typical videogame", not it's length or gameplay depth.

I predict it'll at least be a 7.5 for me by the end of it.


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Oof. The game is like 5 hours long and even then it sounds like people still got bored with it quickly.
Me. Didn’t finish it yet. Absolutely lovely graphics but meanwhile got distracted and finished Ghostwire Tokyo - and tried to get the platinum. Have 3 hours of Stray and 40 of Ghostwire. Don’t see myself going back to Stray. Maybe for the eye candy or the cat itself since he/she is very cute.


I tried but I couldn't get into it and I I'm pretty sure it was a me problem and not the games fault.
My two friends liked it and the nephews loved watching it and saying kitty cat pointing to it lol


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It's good but feel like the platforming could be a bit more fun. No risk and reward with a lot of automation

I liked the level design, visuals, story etc

Kenneth Haight

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A tad annoying to get the platinum, but I enjoyed the games atmosphere so much that I persevered. This team are very talented. I think with more budget they could make something truly special, let’s hope this isn’t a one hit wonder. I thought it didn’t overstay it’s welcome and had some great moments. A solid 7/8 out of 10 for me for an “indie” game.


The game isn’t for action lovers.

But it’s a good platformer with decent puzzles and sleek visuals.

This is the type of game I’d start my day with sometime. Chill, easy going vibes.


I have 3 cats, 2 of which I hate. I can't play this game more than 10 minutes without getting pissed off.
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