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Hi-Fi RUSH |OT| Dance to the Tango (Game Works)

Looks really cool, finally a MS game I want to check it out. Also awesome that I can play it today, though makes me think it will probably be a pretty compact experience...


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Will let the dust settle then. That's a mile away from impulse purchase territory.

I was thinking that but I'm back to work on Friday and theres a 2 hour refund policy so I've "yolo'd it" as the children say.
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Installing now, it's up on Xbox :)

15.96gb on series x



Gentlemen, we can rebuild it. We have the capability to make the world's first enhanced store. Steam will be that store. Better than it was before.
Looks cool, but this scares me a bit

20,000 Gears guys!


So disappointed. I fell in love with Tangos work because of The Evil Within and Ghostwire Tokyo, not colorful rythm games with awful esthetic. It's cool that they are trying something else, you need to switch it up sometime and just do something else once in a while, but I hope Tango and Shinji Mikami returns to the horror genre soon.
I think it looks incredible but nvm, seems like a smaller game anyway, they're probably experimenting with smaller and more focused releases which I fully support. They'll probably be announcing something else next year or in two years to release soon.


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Anyone trued on steam deck yet? I really wanna support tango here for how good this looks but don't want to buy it if it doesn't work.


Well done xbox and tango, first game in a while ive thought looked interesting over on the MS side. That intro voiceover needs to die tho


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probably the highlight of the showcase, the music based gameplay is great but i hope you can put in your own songs
Love the visual aesthetic but not really interested in rhythm action games unfortunately. But I have Game Pass so I guess I'll try it out at least...
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