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I want video game companies to fail...


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To achieve your goals companies don't have to fail, they just have to lose to the competition. This is literally going on right now with Xbox.


Shouldn't have have voiced a negative opinion about Sony here. Talk about dog piling. I agree with op to the extent that something needs to happen to get Jim out of there. He is not a gamer and in my opinion will hurt the brand if he is left in charge for too long.


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Yes let video games fail and then Nintendo will come and everyone will say Nintendo save us like last time but this time Nintendo will whisper “No, not this time” is this what you want OP ?

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actually I do not know why so much negativity

- nintindo failing with gamecube lead us to new nintindo with hardware out of the norm and a new way of gaming philosophy and they have something unique in their hardware and games cater to some crowds

- sony ps3 failure in the beginning lead us to sony with varied first party games and huge blockbuster AAA single player games which is safe to say no one doing it better than them

- microsoft xbox one failure lead us to xbox with huge BC catalogue and a system that u can buy to play new and old games with upgraded visuals and features which is great new avenues in services aka game pass, cloud gaming and trying to make unified eco system with cloud and local gaming with seamless transition between them cross saves and such

what Im trying to say try to look at positives and you will see them
I see the big 3 this time better than ever each of them has different and unique thing to give to consumer and this is great imo
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