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How many consoles have you owned that had hardware failure?


My PS1 was unable to read some discs after maybe 3 years after buying it.
My fat PS3 40GB stopped reading discs maybe 2 years ago.

I’ve barely had any problems at all, my Nintendo consoles kept working during all years I had them as a kid.

In the early 00s I inherited my brothers original Game Boy which must’ve been one of the launch models from 1989. Worked fine but had some dust buildup inside of the screen. Things were built to last back then.

Edit: Damn, when starting to count the years my fat PS3 was older when its disc reader gave up than the age of the Game Boy I got from my brother! Young age really warps the time perspective because I considered that grey brick ancient when I got it!
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Two xbox 360 and og playstation. I still had the playstation and had bought a new one to replace it when someone broke into my house and stole my broken one. I had my new one with me at a friends house when i was robbed. Felt good the goof who broke in got the broken one.


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I sold my launch 360 to a friend and two months later it rrod. My launch ps3 was murdered by the last of us. Got some really weird glitches and it never worked again.

Ev1L AuRoN

  • SNES I had to get a second power adaptor, the console itself never broke;
  • My OG PS1 started to have difficult reading disc because of the wearing of the unit, I fixed myself gluing a small piece of plastic under the laser tray, lifting the unity, I thought. Putting the console upside down works, then lifting the laser will also work, and it did.
  • My launch 60Gb Premium PS3 had Ylod with 3 years of heavy use;
  • I had two 360's that RROD's Launch model and Falcon revisions;
  • My DS broke the hinge of the display.


hmmm this is good. I have had NES, gameboy, DS, 3DS, N64, Genesis, Dreamcast, PS2, PS3, and PS4 for consoles
Nintendo - We had about 3 of these go bad.
PS2 - Original died on me so I eventually bought a slim and that lasted forever. The ps2 lasted about a year from when I bought it if I recall correct.
PS4 - technically not dead but it has a lot of issues. It is a launch ps4 and it did die once. One day I decided to try it again and it magically turned on again but the performance was diminished.
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Dr. Suchong

About 4/5 Ps1 (lens drop or whatever)
2 Ps2 (Read dvd but not cd)
3 Ps3 (Ylod and disc drive failure)
Never replaced my "Egg box please fix me"
Ps4 spat out discs randomly, fixed myself using a YouTube tutorial.
Dreamcast is a bit iffy
My ps2 slim has bother with Rogue Galaxy for some reason.
Megadrive and Snes still going strong 🙂
2600 needed an rf hardwiring because of a dodgy port.
Ds has a line of pixels missing after several years inactive.
C64 working now is wishful thinking.


Predicts the worst decade for Sony starting 2022
It seems like the xbox 360 far and away seems the most broken in this thread followed by the PS3 fat boy.


I'm on hard drive #3 for my PS4. There's been other issues too, but those were caused by me or my cats. My PS2 and PS3 are both still doing fine so it makes me wonder if my PS4 is a bit defective. Still, fixing it has taught me a lot about it so that's a (sorta) plus.


Outsides of launch models,I think this is going to be mostly phat 360s and a few phat ps3s. IBM basically sold chips they knew were prone to overheating to both Sony and MS and told them to sort it out. Guessing Sony took that extra year between the 360 and PS3 release to try to get the cooling situation a bit better.

0 hardware failures 🥳.

Many people don't know that the PS3 actually outsold the 360 worldwide but when you factor in 360 sales due to RRoD and people buying multiple consoles it *really* outsold it (yes YLoD but that doesn't even come close to the 360's legendary failure rate).


None and I've owned pretty much every console you care to mention.

I've had every single component of my pc die over the years however.


OG 60gb PS3 which YLOD on me while I was playing a game.

I did receive a Brand New Dreamcast which didn't read discs straight out of the box.
None and I've owned pretty much every console you care to mention.

I've had every single component of my pc die over the years however.
Exact same here as well, except it wasn't literally every single PC component. But tons of hardware issues on the PC side for sure.


Let's see...
-a PS2 fat
-an XBox 360 (RROD) (not to mention my brother's and my college roommate's, that box had issues)
-a PS3 slim (YLOD)
-I think my launch Wii may have gotten fiddly at the end of its life, but I'm not sure. Lasted a while. I think I still have it somewhere.
-I thought I was losing my PS4 because it kept spitting out disks at random times. I tried every tip I could find online, but it didn't stop until I upgraded the harddrive. I still have no idea why that made a difference. It was a secondhand machine though, so maybe the original owner put some cheapo hard drive in there which was messing with things. Anyway, it's working fine to this day as far as I know.


PS1 - used to have to run it upside down for it to read the discs.


360 - RROD

PS4 - PSU, then laser failure.

X1X - overheating

Wii - graphics glitch.

Switch - died
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My original PS1. The little thingy that you put the disc onto broke.
Xbox 360. The console that taught me to buy more than one towel.
Launch PS3. Got the yellow light of death while playing through Red Dead :(
X Box Series S. Died last month. I say 'died', I don't think it's dead but the fan doesn't come on so it overheats and turns itself off after ten minutes. Can't be bothered to fix.


My day one PS1 stopped reading discs after an hour. I took it back to the Sony Center in Wigan were they said I had the first officially broken PS1 lol
I don't think I had any hardware failures until the 360... I think one of these failed. And one or maybe two PS3s also failed.

Besides that, it's Nintendo handhelds. The DS and 3DS were especially prone to failure in my experience... either the touchscreen would stop working, or the shoulder buttons would stop working, or you'd get a corrupted image... Fuck Nintendo hardware. I bet the knockoffs have better build quality and QA


PS1: My mom accidentally spilled Coke on it.

PS2 launch model disc drive failed.

My Dreamcast VMU refuses to save, I don't know why. Disc drive had issues on the Dreamcast itself but I repaired it.

PSP My fault, I let the battery go boom.

PS2 Slim 70000, not technically "broken", but that little piece that presses the switch to spin the disc wore down, this is a seemingly common issue? It reads discs...when it feels like it. Tried putting heavy objects on it which helps...sometimes.

PS3 60gb US launch model. GPU melted, but it lasted till 2012 i was honestly lucky it lasted that long.

PS4 launch model HDMI port broke

PS4 pro launch model: This one is weird, technically it worked, I just had a ton of hardware freezes, even after swapping HDDs.

PS4 pro RDR2 bundle revision: Same as above.

Never had any Xbox or Nintendo system fail, handheld or home console.
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My xbox 360 and for some odd reason my ps4...idek why it just doesn't turn on at all. I have my death stranding in it too which sucks even more.
Just the Sega Saturn. I would guess some of my other consoles that are now in storage have since failed, but that is the only one that failed quickly and while I was still using it.

hemo memo

From all the consoles I have owned, Xbox 360 is the only console that had a hardware failure that was unfixable.
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PS3 40gb
P54 Pro

I never really used the old consoles anymore when I got a new one though so they only had to last like 4-5 years.


3... all were RRoDed Xbox 360's. Maybe 4 if you count having to blow in the slot of an NES everytime to boot up properly.
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MY OG PS1 lasted quite a long time, but shortly after the PS2 originally released, the reader died.

I was hit with the RROD on a 360, maybe 2? I can't fully remember. Thankfully the turnaround was easy and fairly quick.

Aside from that, every system I've ever owned was A-OK.
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PSone - laser issue
PS2 - laser issue
Gamecube - laser issue
Gameboy - pixels dying like crazy
Xbox 360 - RROD twice, and my current model is probably just dead.


only a ps3 (80gb BC version) that YLOD'd
still one of my favorite consoles and I'd probably still play it today if it were functioning


Just the 360. 4/5 failures due to RROD.

Never lost a controller, or console.

But I have worn out the dpad of several fightpads over the years.
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None, I’ve been very fortunate.

Gameboy pocket/Color/Advance
Game Gear
Xbox 360-Xbox Series X(also had a One X)
Nintendo DS
Nintendo Switch Lite-OLED

Though I will say my Xbox 360 Slim was having a couple of issues(mainly regarding with getting too hot) back when I got my first Xbox One.
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PS3- Got the YLOD after owning it for maybe 2 or 3 years. Took it in to a repair shop and had it fixed MULTIPLE times. After the second of third time of paying $100 to get it fixed I said fuck it and threw it in the trash. I'm pretty sure it was the OG PS3. Ugly POS. Maybe the slim model fixed this issue? I never bothered with another one.

That's really the only one that completely broke on me and I've owned consoles back to the NES.
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Commodore 128 - i think i need to replace the caps to get video again.
Atari 2600 jr(Fixed it by resoldering the power switch)
OG Xbox 3x- RRoD on all 3
PS2 phat - Laser issue even after tweaking it.
Xbox 360 x2- RRoD on both
I own every popular Sega, Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony console.


I have several consoles and handhelds going back to PS2. The only one to date with unrecoverable hardware issue was PS3 phat with ylod.

My PS4 I needed to software restore from usb after a power cut one time.
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All of the systems I'm listing below I've had since they first came out:

PS1, PS2, PS3 Slim, PSP, Vita, PS4, PS4 Pro, PS5
XB 360 Slim, XSX
Nintendo DSi Lite, Gamecube (2x) and V2 Switch
Sega Dreamcast & Sega Saturn

None of them has failed on me so far.
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Chalk a few up for 360 on my behalf. Oblivion killed my first, so excited for a big proper game on next gen and in the first town/village it croaked. Last was during Fallout 3 haha. Lost at least 3, I think it was the fourth when MS no longer covered the warranty and I decided to just main my PS3 back in 2008. Sucked too because I had an extensive friends list and library one the Xbox. Very lonely on the PS3 at the time, though free mp really helped me through the recession. My girl still gives me crap for all the games and systems I traded in to game stores just to survive or get new games. I regret it.

As for my other systems, only disc read errors were the norm after a few years, though even my original PS1 still works. Dreamcast also, my og Xbox drive died back in '10 or '11 which sucked and I couldn't take it in a move. I bought a Saturn off a guy who sold me the unit knowing the disc drive was shot. But all my old systems with fewer moving parts still work, Genesis, NES, etc. I asusme my Switch will be immortal lol.

The only controllers I've had issues with are my PS4 Dualshocks, the sticks would start to drift making them useless, and for the price it felt like throwing money away. Love the controller just a shame about the quality. I love the DualSense more though, despite the size the features are great fun plus they've kept nice things from the past.


From owning every single console apart from a xbox one from after the nes snes and megadrive came out , only hardware issue i have ever had was a xbox 360, day 1 ps3 fat and day 1 ps5 with massive coil whine, sent back to sony to recive one with noisy fan which broke after a month to go back to sony again, to get a ps5 which has a annoying fan with bearing noticable as soon as u start a game and it ramps up, yet got a xbox x that you can tell its on unless u put yr ear to it
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