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Plague Tale: Requiem releasing 18th October 2022


These developers don't need a beggarly publisher like Focus Home.
They have outgrown it for a long time. If the guys want to develop, then they will have to sell themselves to some really large publisher, or whatever is better to a platform owner
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I just started playing through the first one last night on game pass. I'm enjoying it, but damn if that kid isn't annoying! Happy the sequel is on game pass. I'll definitely try it


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Excellent. Definite GamePass download for me as soon as it's out. Really enjoyed the first one on PS Plus. Probably not something I'd go so far as to buy, but more than worth a play considering.


Potential GOTY for me here, day 1 for sure.

There is probably an event that leads to this...we haven't seen the mother in any of these trailers that I can remember.
Yes, you're right. Actually WTF? Why are they being pursuit again? Well, I don't want to know until I play it.
AA, like all Focus Home published titles. Though it definitely isn't less impressive than many big budget games.
Actually, I just played Control, Darksiders 3, and am about to continue FE: 3H... This makes me realize I'm not liking AAA gaming these days (with some exceptions) and that I mostly prefer AA games, since I love Nintendo and Japanese games. It's like the gaming I love is still there.
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