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RGT: Playstation 5 Pro Is COMING - PS5 Pro Performance, Ray Tracing Innovations, Release Date & Specs


RGT posts videos practically every single day so he scoops up all the shit and just makes a video about anything he can find. I remember when he used to stretch out his video to about 20 minutes (for ad revenue purposes) despite there being next to zero content. I stopped watching his shit stuff a while back and do not regret it one bit.


Can I have a slim instead?
Or 100 million potential customers a standard one

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I'm not buying these rumors, it just doesn't make much sense to me

The chip shortage is probably here until 2016 or 2017 and I don't think the pro consoles really sold good enough compared to the base consoles last generation


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And that was too soon then. They went from having a third party advantage to losing it by rushing out the pro model and MS being able to one up it
Nah. I think it came right in time based on their limitations. Sony was fucked in the BC department so it’s the only design that could work realistically in time without getting released too late and near the PS5. I mean even now, their BC solution isn’t exactly perfect.

The butterfly design assures the highest compatibility with base PS4 without too much effort.


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Try again in 2025.


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I’m 99% certain that a mid-gen refresh is on the cards in some way, shape or form.

But this rumour is WAAYYY premature, I doubt they’ll even have the specs fully nailed down yet, never mind anything else.

Let’s try and make the vanilla PS5 somewhat accessible to the market first eh?


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Good, gimme a 1000 dollars ps5 pro now that people can buy a normal ps5 without crying for the price.


So... Sony cant produce enough PS5 as is

....and they decide to create a pro version
... that uses more silicon and is EVEN MORE difficult to produce AND cuts into their possibility to produce the OG PS5

Yeah this rumor seems really likely...
I’m 99% certain that a mid-gen refresh is on the cards in some way, shape or form.

It’s not going to happen because the value proportion just isn’t there for it to make sense. Sony will not make enough money from it to justify doing it this time around.

1. The supply issues for the PS5 probably won’t be fixed for another year or so (2023-2024) which means creating a pro would be a waste of resources since most people will still want the OG model because of the cheaper price.

2. 4K/60fps with RT isn’t enough of an incentive for most consumers to drop $700+ on a new console. Sure, a good amount of hardcore gamers will still want it but that pool is too small for it to make sense. Remember, 4K was a big driver for why most people got the PS4 pro and it was why that console even existed.

I think Sony and MS will make slimmer models and then move on to the next consoles but I doubt we see a “Pro Model” from either companies, especially because of the supply issues that continue to keep the new consoles off shelves.
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I don't believe it for sure, but I would pay 1.000€ for a PS5Pro right now without doubt. I want my promised 4k+60fps and I don't want to spend double or triple on a PC.
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It's probably in the works, but I can't see it releasing in 2022, more likely to release end of 2023. Which means these rumours about specs are going to be shit. If Heisenberg doesn't confirm anything I would just ignore it.


The whispers believe this is being built for enthusiasts and will be more expensive then current console prices
Wow a Pro version that's more expensive than a non-Pro version that they barely make a profit on and they can't make enough of?

I'm glad you're here to give us such valuable fucking insight.


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Apart from Nintendo, nobody can make enough consoles to keep the shelves stocked, yet pro consoles are on the way!

I don’t think that this is true personally.


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If the 7nm chips are all taken, it makes sense to get new contracts on smaller 5nm chips. They might be more expensive but clearly the consumer is willing to pay extra so why not have it as a more expensive alternative. It will only increase availability.
You don't know if the consumer is willing to pay since the supply is so much constrained. Consumer will be happy to even have an option to buy a PS5.


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Idk man, they can barely make PS5’s and it’s not like the chip shortage is about to end. It’ll at least be 2024+ before those new facilities(like the one in Texas) will be built.


Nah. I think it came right in time based on their limitations. Sony was fucked in the BC department so it’s the only design that could work realistically in time without getting released too late and near the PS5. I mean even now, their BC solution isn’t exactly perfect.

The butterfly design assures the highest compatibility with base PS4 without too much effort.

Exactly the BC stuff. They wanted to make a console that played all the PS4 games without problem. If you compare the Xbox One X with the Xbox One the only thing hardware wise they share is the CPU then everything else is different. Of course MS BC is better than Sony BC. Also the Pro was $400 vs the Xbox One X $500. They released the Pro in that time for the PSVR. The PS5 Pro will be 2023 or 2024 that will depend of the chip shortage.


PS5 Pro/Slim would be additive to the current PS5 supply not detract as it would be on a completely different process node.

Realistically if they do a PS5 Pro i think they should simply increase the clock speeds of GPU/CPU and add RDNA3 RT and AI cores. (Thats assuming AMD is even cooking up AI cores for FSR 2.0. If they arent then they're a failure of a company.)

Simply adding a true DLSS equivalent would present a massive performance uplift. Look at GT7 for example, it runs at native 4k currently. If you ran it at 1440p with AI reconstruction it could match or succeed native 4k in terms of clarity/AA but ud have the performance benefits of it running at 1440p witch could give easy headroom for 120fps or 60fps with RT. Even reconstructing from 1080p would look better then most games do now.


If there is a ps5 pro it's at least 2 or more years away... But I don't believe it, neither the PS5 or Series X were outdated on release as was the case with PS4 and (especially) Xbox One. There's no need for a midgen refresh this time.


A couple of days ago I read prototype hardware is being shipped from Japan all over the world. Apparently there exists a specific HS (customs code) for prototype videogame consoles.


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Well, if this keeps scalpers busy, maybe people will finally be able to get a regular PS5. It’s actually pretty brilliant.

No, I’m not serious


Nah, PS5 Pro isn't happening. They have a lot of PS5 pending demand to fulfill, won't need need hardware for the next few years. In fact, due to the chips shortages and PSVR2 their factories will be too busy to meet demand. PSVR2 will replace PS4 and PS4 Pro and with PS5 and PSVR2 their factories will already have too much work even if they get enough chips to produce as much hardware as they would desire.

Regarding games, AAA games require longer and longer time to be developed every new generation, and with covid even more. To the point that over 2 years after release we'll still continue getting mostly crossgen games and previous gen games with some extra bells and whistles to make them look a bit nicer in next gen. But devs still don't have the engines that will allow them to take full advantage of the PS5 hardware, even the first engine that seems will do it, UE5, still isn't complete. And once complete, we'll need a few years to see devs taking full advantage of the new stuff, and also a few years more from the people who use other engines that will properly take advantage of the next gen stuff.

Once that happen, add a couple of years more and will be time to release PS6. So no, forget PS5 Pro. Doesn't make sense to release it.


I got no doubt we can expect one based on the PS4 pro, but PS5 isn’t even widely available. This is at least 4 years away.


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I said this before but both the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X didn't do big numbers and were short lived.
Despite what people want & would like
they wasn't a successful endeavour.
I don't see the them going this route again to please a few.


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They will reduce the price of the PS5 first and then in future release the PS5 Pro for a similar price to the PS5 today. Helps Sony maintain revenue. 20-24 tlfops more focus on raytracing and I'd guess HW to aid ML. Faster GDD6 memory, faster or same speed 1.5 TB SSD. Raytracing will in effect be the PS5 Pro's party trick.
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Red Gamming Tech is one of those click bait Youtubers, that spam every kind of rumor until something sticks.
Then he makes a video claiming he was right, while ignoring all the times he was wrong.
A lot of people have already caught on to his scheme. But some people still take the bait and spread his non-sense.


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People pushing PS5 Pro rumors are too stupid to understand why the PS4 Pro/One X were needed in the first place.


That’s too expensive to move many units but I definitely think it will be 600 or more. Kind of has to be 600 minimum because of inflation.

There’s no way this thing wouldn’t run fidelity modes at double the fps and depending on the game will see bigger upgrades than that.

It won't have 2x the CPU power, so if a game is really pushing the CPU doubling framerate won't be possible even if the GPU could do it.

I think it's more likely that it will mostly be the same framerates but higher resolution, more/better RT, etc.
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I would say if there were any plans for a Pro console they have been modified or cancelled due to the chip shortage, they will be trying to shrink and redesign the current console above anything else first.
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