The worst feeling as a gamer isn't not wanting to play, the worst feeling it's when...


You actually really want to play something, but you don't know WHAT to play.

You are in the mood of playing something, you know you want to be engaged playging something, you really want to do some gaming, just sit in your couch or your desktop, pick up your controller/mouse+kb and be absorbed by it.

But then you just don't just don't see anything too appealing to play, maybe you try some games you had in your backlog but nah, they are not doing it for you.

So you just wait for that game that will click with you and finally fulfil your great desire to do some gaming, to scratch that itching inner feeling...


When that time comes, play Little Witch nobeta

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Gentlemen, we can rebuild it. We have the capability to make the world's first enhanced store. Steam will be that store. Better than it was before.
The trick is to always be playing 4-6 games at once. I'm currently playing Xenoblade Chronicles 3, 12 Labours of Hercules XII, Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance 2, Pictlogica Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest X Offline, and Soulstone Survivors.

I've got about a dozen other games I'm ready to dive into as soon as I finish one of these. Harvestella, Diofield Chronicles, Live A Live, 12 Labours of Hercules XIII (shut up, I love these games), and Picross S6 are among them. I also need to finish Trails in the Sky SC that I put on hiatus until after Xenoblade 3 as my main "big RPG".

I can't remember the last time I had time to play video games, and sat down to think "I don't know what I want to play". So many options.

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Happens alot more since PS4/Xbo era started. Lesser games, slower releases.

I used to think it's me growing up and out of gaming.. but the industry has changed too so I'm not sure anymore if it's one or the other or a bit of both.
We are in the indie golden age. Give those a shot be it on gamepass or many of the bundles that exist. Need help ? Hades, Hollow Knight, cult of lamb, inside. These 4 games will last you a while and are some of the best games of their respective year or just search best indie games out right now. There’s so much in the space that we need to continue to support and appreciate them.


For me it's not wanting to play something yet your friends/clan/guild members need you to be there or they won't get to play.

Like being the vital healer or tank in a group that wants to spend 6 to hours raiding an absolute god awful raid. if you don't show up the 20+ other people get their night ruined.

This is when games stop being fun and becomes a second unpaid job.


I have that feeling a lot which is why the majority of my time is spent playing FPS multiplayer. Low time commitment, get in get out. COD, Battlefield 2042, and siege.


I just stare at my expensive QD-OLED monitor and do nothing. Hundreds of games and I don't feel like playing any.
Last night I installed a huge skyrim mod collection and I hated it.

Oh well, Tomorrow I'll be playing GoW Ragnarok. I hope it can keep me entertained for a while.


The worst feeling is when you are playing a game and you feel you are wasting your life.
Nah I don't let myself get to that point.
If there is nothing I don't want to play I just don't.
I'm having loads of fun with assetto corsa. And gow just came out, enjoying horizon as well. Calisto is coming next month. Dead space next year. Psvr2 and re4. Really weird holiday for me. Normally I have nothing to play.


That's when I just put on some Doom.

There's literally no situation when I wouldn't be in a mood to play Doom, regardless of which one we're talking about specifically.

Funeral? Doom will make me feel better. Family brunch? Doom gets me through those. Doing chores? Fuck it, let's play motherfucking Doom instead!


I have that feeling a lot which is why the majority of my time is spent playing FPS multiplayer. Low time commitment, get in get out. COD, Battlefield 2042, and siege.

I'm exactly the same way and that's how the quickplay button in Overwatch sucked me in for a few years (not the current year lol.)

You get RIGHT to the part of gaming you like (no dumb cutscenes, directly to outsmarting other people to shoot them in the face) with no time commitment. Probably also why most of the single player I do play these days is twitchy action games and platformers where you can run through a few levels. I find the idea of a time sink RPG depressing right now.


Reverse groomer.
The worst feeling is when you are playing a game and you feel you are wasting your life.
that feeling persists with every game i play. even the super great ones.

OP I know for situations like this you're genuinely dead set on playing something, but if making a decision is that hard maybe consider going on youtube. You might end up watching gameplay of something in your library you really like (or something not in it that you have yet to purchase) and by the time you know it you're already in the game
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It’s no different to food, or tv/film. Sometimes you’re not sure what you are in the mood for, so just end up browsing endlessly, that mood may change by the next day. Or you might find something that clicks. The problem I find is that I play A LOT, so eat through my backlog, and i don’t play multiplayer games, and when a narrative is done, I don’t touch it again. So it’s quite possible to run out of the sort of games I most enjoy.
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