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The Queen is back. Polygon: The Anita Sarkeesian Story, 10 Years of Feminist Frequency


Also in Polygon: "The fascist subtext of Attack on Titan can't go overlooked"

This must be a joke article

In a way I can't help but respect her hustle (financially speaking), she creates a problem that doesn't exist, then sells herself as the solution to said problem to idiots or weak minded people.

She has done nothing whatsoever to promote women's representation within the games industry IMO, in fact the opposite, she whines and criticizes everything and is a generally unlikable person.
The main problem of that is when they ruin careers of people who did nothing wrong and that this crazy ass "feminism" makes people to step away from proper feminism that works on real issues that need to be addressed. Same goes with other related SJW stuff, they are killing the progressiveness because many people are starting to think that progressive people are crazy folks who complain about not real issues.

Feminists are the first ones who should kick out toxic people like Anita and Zoe.
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I think the ones to blame in many ways are games media. They white Knighted the absolute shit out of Anita when she first appeared, without ever once daring to critically assess her work or conclusions (despite the many flaws gamers were picking up on) and in doing so promoted her to broader media interests as someone with a voice worth listening to, despite the abject lack of critical rigour to her work, and her refusal to engage in debate. You can fool all of the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time, but you can't fool all the people all of the time as the saying goes. 🤔


She's like the high school debate champion, sent to speak at Oxford, in pigtails and dungarees. Soon she'll be passed around the dorms like dog toy in a kennel, bukkaked so hard they'll need to identify her by dental records.

Anita practicing kissing:



In the 90s, Jessie Jackson would essentially shake down organizations through his rainbow push coalition. If companies didn’t consult with him and go through some kind of sensitivity training he would use his media assets to do wrap up smears on them and label them racists.

I guess what I’m saying is Anita learned ambulance chasing from the best in the biz.
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