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Just finished the story. Fun stuff. I'll do a summary:

- Liu Kang is about to use the Hourglass at the End of Time when Shang Tsung, Fujin, and Nightwolf intervene. It is revealed that Liu Kang cannot use the Hourglass safely without Kronika's Krown. Attempting to do so will result in the Hourglass shattering.

- Shang Tsung, Fujin, and Nightwolf had all been courted by Kronika, but refused. As a result they were cast into a Void, which they escaped when Liu Kang killed Kronika.

- The group devises a plan to go back in time to earlier in the game before Kronika gets the Krown from Shang Tsung's Island. Liu Kang and Raiden must stay behind to take care of the Hourglass.

- Liu Kang sends them back to when Kitana assumes the throne from Shao Khan. Kollector notices the group and tries to fight them but is defeated by Nightwolf. Kollector still manages to warn Gerras who then warns Kronika.

- After deciding that none among them can defeat Cetrion who will be present at the island, the group sets out to free Sindel who is residing in Netherrealm. She is a revenant but can be brought back with the Soul Chamber, and is the only one with the power to defeat Cetrion (even Nightwolf who defeated her in MK9 had to sacrifice himself in the process).

- In the Bone Chamber where Shinnok is kept and worshipped by the revenants, Nightwolf successfully battles revenant Sindel and his revenant self. With Sindel's body in tow, the group sets out for the Soul Chamber that is guarded by Sheeva in Outworld.

- Sheeva has pledged loyalty to Kitana but still recognizes her pledge to serve Sindel. She leads the group to the Soul Chamber, briefly opposed by some of Kitana's loyalists including Erron Black, Jade, and Barraka.

- Sindel is restored to her Edenian form. Kitana is taken aback at first but reluctantly trusts her. The group sets out to the island to finally retrieve the Krown, with Kitana and Sheeva staying back in Outworld to prepare for the assault as seen in MK11.

- Fujin defeats some Kronika loyalists such as Jax and Noob Saibot. Jax is brought back to his senses and joins once again with Earthrealm. Sindel defeats Cetrion as intended (with a nice MK Deception reference I might add), and the Krown must now be taken to that timeline's Raiden. Sindel leaves to Outworld.

- Raiden and the Earthrealmers do not trust Shang Tsung, with Raiden almost killing Liu Kang once again (lol) but reluctantly agrees to form a temporary alliance with Shang Tsung. Kronika appears at that moment as she does in MK11, but is fought back by the combined forces of Fujin, Shang Tsung, and Raiden.

- So Sindel turns out to still be evil and frees a captive Shao Khan. Gerras tries to recruit the two to serve Kronika, but is killed by them for good by having his head smashed to pieces with no chance to recover.

- These two proceed to fuck shit up and kill Sheeva, Kotal Kahn, and Jade. They also defeat and capture Sonya, Cassie, Johnny Cage, Liu Kang, and Kitana. This was easily the best part of the expansion as they are so comically evil while being madly in love with each other. The game lets you pick which one you want to play as in each of the fights too.

- Shang Tsung tricks Fujin into giving him the Krown. With this power he regains his young appearance from the 1995 movie and easily defeats both Fujin and Raiden, and subsequently absorbs their power (but does not kill them).

- After defeating Kronika's minions, Shang Tsung turns on Shao Kahn & Sindel, killing them and absorbing their power.

- Having the power of the Krown and absorbed multiple characters, he defeats Kronika.

- Future Liu Kang appears and reveals he had planned this entire scenario out, seeing that Shang Tsung could defeat Kronika for the good guys, whereupon he would then come into this timeline to kill Shang Tsung. Shang is impressed by boy scout Liu Kang's trickery and they have a nice little moment where they smirk and respect each others' deviousness.

- The player chooses if they want to play as Liu Kang or Shang Tsung and decide the ending.

Despite an awful price of $40, MK11 Aftermath once again shows it has no peer in providing an entertaining and enjoyable fighting game story mode. Just the fact that a fighting game even has a story expansion at all is quite unique. Highly recommended.
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nice write up. are there new trophies/achievements that come with this update? and how long would you say it took to complete the new chapters? like an hour?


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No new trophies or cheevos. The whole thing is a few hours at best, but the production value is the same quality as the main campaign.
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