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What are some games where you play as a blonde white girl?


Grand Theft Auto (the first one): Ulrika.

The right picture is nightmare fuel
Yeah I noticed that trend. Jill Valentine and Ken Masters was surprising to me for example. I even heard rumors of Solid Snake being half Japanese.
Of course. The retarded thinking is that the Japanese couldn't "relate" to them without them being Japanese. Or another one, they became popular so they retroactively made them part Japanese, despite looking entirely European. 🤭

To answer the thread, according to some people here, all the characters you listed aren't white, they're Japanese because those games were made in Japan. 🙄


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Is there a gas leaking in the topic or people are just trolling with these pe3 praises?!

The game is trash and single handedly killed a masterpiece franchise.
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Anti SJW obsessed "gamers" looking to push back on calls for more diversity in games. That's all this thread is.
Which kind of diversity do you like? There are two options these days.

1. You can pick from different looksWhere everyone is special - equality
2. You can pick from different looks Where no one is special - equity
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In the Street Fighter series there many of them, these are from SFV:
Cammy (from Street Fighter II, Street Fighter Alpha and versus Marvel series and many other ones)
Rainbow Mika (from Street Fighter Alpha 3)
Karin (from Street Fighter Alpha 3)
Kolin (was a Street Fighter III NPC)
Lucia (from Final Fight 3)

In Rival Schools Capcom also has Tiffany


Dead or Alive tho?
Are we counting games where they're just playable altogether?
Tina isn't really the protagonist of DoA.


i wouldn't say she's white tho. She has a darkish skin that i think intends to make her look like someone from south/southeast asia, hair color aside.
For me it's more like tanned skin, which is totally fine for a white girl/woman who likes to sunbath.
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